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Harmony of emotions that contains the afterglow in the heart,

A popera group that conveys the truth of songs

We hope there is room for us in your heart.

전체 동영상

전체 동영상

전체 동영상
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팝페라로 재해석 해본🍀그대 내 친구여🍀원곡-패티김 | 미스터트롯2 안성훈ver. |팝페라그룹 포엣(POET) 노래 |

팝페라로 재해석 해본🍀그대 내 친구여🍀원곡-패티김 | 미스터트롯2 안성훈ver. |팝페라그룹 포엣(POET) 노래 |

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📌은혜(Grace)📌손경민 작사/작곡 | 팝페라 그룹 포엣(POET) | CCM 찬양 추천곡|

📌은혜(Grace)📌손경민 작사/작곡 | 팝페라 그룹 포엣(POET) | CCM 찬양 추천곡|

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조용필 📌바람의 노래📌 - 팝페라그룹 포엣(POET) | 팝페라콘서트 라이브 직캠

조용필 📌바람의 노래📌 - 팝페라그룹 포엣(POET) | 팝페라콘서트 라이브 직캠

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Frank Sinatra - My way(마이웨이) | 팝페라그룹 포엣(POET)

Frank Sinatra - My way(마이웨이) | 팝페라그룹 포엣(POET)

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팝페라그룹 포엣 카카오채널


  Public institutions, corporations,   Events and performances by groups,   Heoe concert about 480 times_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  










1 house


2nd house


3rd house


4th house



KBS Open Concert - Many appearances in Seoul, Ulsan, etc.

KBS Immortal Song (Ben & Poet Duet)

KBS 'Who is good' - Many appearances

KTV 1st 'West Sea Protection Day' Commemorative Performance

G1 Gangwon Gamyeongji Restoration Radio Public Broadcast

KBC Gwangju Broadcasting - Good Neighbor, Bright Neighborhood Awards Ceremony

Gyeongin Broadcasting Public Broadcasting-'Hwang Soon-yu's Happy Time 907

MBC Christmas Special Sesibon Concert

TBS Heo Soo-kyung's Sweet Night

ytn music festival

ktv Yangyang Rural Happiness Sharing Concert

Daejeon MBC Changsha 50th Anniversary Concert

First appearance in BS SCAPA Hallyu Job TV Popera Group


100 concerts as Japan's first Hallyu popera group

Thailand's first popera group concert

Concert with many musical actors such as Jung Sung-hwa and Choi Soo-hyung 

Performance History

Business Events & Concerts 

2019 presidential election hot summer festival

Ferrari celebration year-end party

Porsche year-end party

Aekyung Group New Year's Celebration Performance

Daesang Group employee year-end party

BMW Conference for VIP

The K Hotel Dinner Show for CEO

Concert for foreign employees of Hyundai Heavy Industries

Lala Korea 1st Anniversary Convention

Samsung new employee celebration performance

2017 'Craft Trend Fair' COEX Celebration Performance

2018 Korea Global Medical Service Awards Ceremony Celebration Performance

2018 Hankook Tire Awards Ceremony

Samsung Display 'Spring Dream Book Concert'

Samsung 'lively cultural sympathy concert'

V-cosmetic launching event

Sekyung Auto new office building completion commemorative performance

KCC Conference

Dongwon F&B year-end

Pet Forest Pet Remembrance Concert

Conference of the Korean Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis

Homeplus executives inauguration ceremony

Lotte 'LUSSO' entrance commemorative performance

OnDream School Performance

Team Amos conference celebration

China Shanghai PHEBE club invitational cultural performance



Social Events & Concerts

Gyeongnam Arts Festival 'Autumn Relationship'

The 3rd Yongma Falls Culture and Arts Festival

Gyeonggi-do Newly Appointed Teacher Celebration Performance

Namyangju Nursery Teacher Academy Celebration Performance

Yongsan Art Hall Choir commemorative event

Istanbul Festival Celebration Performance

World Mind Sports Competition Opening Ceremony

Seoul Human Resources Development Center new welcome party celebration performance