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Popera group POET

As a three-member male popera group leading the Asian popera market in Korea, Japan, and Thailand,

It not only provides lyrical and emotional drama OST, but also offers a variety of music and performances such as intense opera sounds and musicals.

Poet-eun, who has been awarded the 2018 and 2019 Korean Culture and Arts Awards for two consecutive years 

Poet, which provides empathy, communication, and healing with the audience through many years of broadcasting and performances, is

Hwang Ho-jeong (leader), tenor of the team with eight tone tones,

Baritone Kim Soo-young, who conveys delicate emotions as a musical actor,

Song Seung-hoon, a beautiful tenor who has been strengthened through overseas activities,

It is composed of powerful tenor Kim Yong-seong, who is called the devil's talent.

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1st album THE DREAM
2 love house
3rd album 'Prayer'

4th album 'Cactus'


2019 Poet Solo Concert 'Trinity'

1st West Sea Protection Day Memorial Concert
Hankook Tire Grand Prize Ceremony, 
Porsche Club Korea Year end party
Gyeongnam Arts Festival, Yongma Falls Culture and Arts Festival, etc.
Various national events and more than 500 celebrations in Korea
A total of 70 Japanese Poet solo concerts
(Tokyo, Nagoya, Wakayama, etc.)


KBS Immortal Song (with Ben)
Appeared in KBS Open Concert

KBS who is good
KBC Gwangju Good Neighbor Bright Neighborhood Awards Ceremony
G1 Gangwon Gamyeong Restoration Commemorative Concert
First appearance in NHK Hallyu Job TV Popera Group

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