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팝페라그룹 포엣(POET) 로고
팝페라 그룹 포엣(POET)

"Poet, a popera group that sings the truth of the world"


meaning 'poet'

All the joys and sorrows reflected in the world, even the invisible truth

With a heart like a poet who exudes and expresses his own emotions

I'm going to show you one side of the drama.

Poet is different from the existing classic popera team.

By adding performance elements in addition to pop and musical styles,

Break away from the image of a heavy and distant popera

We want to communicate pleasantly with the audience.

Based on a number of field experiences, the contents needed in the field are turned into storytelling.

You will be able to experience the stage as if you were watching a musical performance.

Moving the hearts of the audience with a song full of truth
If you are with the singing poet Popera group Poet
It will be your best choice.

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